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Being able to communicate regularly, even daily helps to build better, closer relationships.

At we have a passion for families - yours and ours.

We want you to enjoy sharing memories, staying in touch across the country or even around the world, communicate and build as well as sustain these important relationships. That may sound like a lot but we make it simple and fun! Sign up today or try it out for FREE.

Subscriber Family Website - Overview

Site Quota: 4GB (4,000mb)
Maximum # of Members: Unlimited
Cost: $8.95/month

With the Subscriber Family Website website you get plenty of storage space for your files, photos and videos and you can invite all of your family and friends to join you in sharing their lives.

Your privacy is important to us - view our privacy policy. Website Features

Security / Privacy

  • Your content is stored, processed and delivered in a secured environment
  • All members must be registered and approved by an administrator
  • Multiple access levels for website content
  • No Personal Information Required*
  • 2-Level Language Filter Option (site-wide or per-user)


  • Easy to use interface, uncluttered design, and simple functionality with powerful options
  • FAQ and Online Tech Support to help when needed

Look and Feel

  • No Ads - EVER!
  • Members can choose their own theme for a personalized look
  • Upload a custom Profile Pic or choose from one of the existing images
  • Slideshow of your most recent photo uploads


  • Event Reminders on-site and through e-mail
  • Notify Me feature for new content
  • New Content alerts and navigation on-site
  • Sticky Posts for "sticking" important content on the home page
  • Hierarchial posting organization for easier timeline reading
  • Categorize all content items with user-managed categories
  • Content Types: News, Photos, Events, Videos, Files
  • Dynamic slideshow that displays your latest photo uploads
  • Bookmark content - bookmarked items remain on the homepage for your convenience

Other Features

  • Multi-User Login for families that share a computer
  • E-Share feature that allows you to easily post content from your family website to non-members. No more posting to your site and then sending out emails to your email list too. Do it all in one place!
  • Multi-Site Access from a single membership account
  • Private Messaging, Local Weather, News Feeds
  • Wishlist - each family member can add items to their wishlist so that Birthdays, Christmas and other special days are a little bit easier to plan for.
  • Custom Slideshows - you can view your entire photo gallery in an automated slideshow or you can choose images by category, author and search term and any combination of the three.

* Member's profiles do not require personal information like phone, address, birthday, etc. You must supply a valid email address. Paid subscriptions require payment information.

System Requirements

  • is compatible with all major browsers including Internet Explorer 6. But we recommend using a recent version of your favorite browser for greater security and features.
  • requires both Flash and Javascript and cookies must be enabled in your browser in order for the site to function properly. Please make sure you have these technologies installed and enabled.